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Our Mission

Roots for the Future's mission is to encourage and inspire communities to actively participate in planting and preserving trees to leave a lasting legacy of an improved local environment. Our vision is for communities to be engaged in, invested in and committed to creating and maintaining a sustainable natural environment. Planting trees is a simple yet effective way to make positive changes to your local environment. Get involved by planting with us or by supporting our work. 

Watch our video

Our one minute video shows one of our workshops in action. 

Who we are

Roots for the Future was dreamt up by co-founders Francesca Fryer and Daniel Rigden. Francesca has spent many years working in international development and campaigning for progressive causes, and her partner Dan is a tree surgeon. Both believe that small local actions taken in every community is the root to combatting the global issue of climate change. 

On our board of directors sits Suzanne Featherstone as Chair, Tabitha Northrup as Treasurer and Sam Allen as Secretary. 

Why plant trees?

We are inviting the community to participate in tree planting workshops, to preserve and protect those trees, and to enjoy their benefits. The workshops are taylor made to suit all sections of the community and involve planting small thickets of tree saplings and semi-established trees. While we invite everyone to plant with us we do have a particular focus on children and youth.


We envisage the workshops contributing to the empowerment of the next generation to find environmental solutions that curb the effects of climate change. The planet is at a critical stage - we must act now to address the changing climate before temperatures rise to catastrophic levels.


Why trees? Tree planting is not only great for offsetting carbon emissions, but trees are fantastic at flood mitigation because water sinks into the soil under trees at 67 times the rate it sinks into the soil under grass. Trees also provide a number of social benefits. They make areas more beautiful and studies show they cut crime.

A recent government survey revealed that those who visit the outdoors every day, take part in gardening, or are members of a voluntary environmental organisations have higher feelings of happiness and well-being. At the heart of our mission are people and we want to bring together all sections of our community to engage in local environmental action to live more harmoniously with nature. 

So come plant with us!


Roots for the Future is registered at Companies House as a Community Interest Company, Limited by Guarantee, registration number 10238714. We are a social enterprise and our profits and assets are used to make a positive difference to the communities we work in. 

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