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Support us

There are a number of simple ways you can support our work.


You can buy a tree through Treebay and we will plant it for you. There are options for the types of trees you can buy and ways you can dedicate them to people. 


You can donate your time to Roots for the Future too. We are looking for people to give time and share their skills. From helping with digital design, to sharing your environmental expertise, there are lots of ways you can contribute your time. Please contact us via the contact form to let us know how you would like to get involved. 

Corporate partnerships

We are seeking corporate partners to fund our community tree planting workshops, helping you in turn to meet your social responsibility agenda and promote those activities through appropriate marketing methods. We can feature blogs about your support, link to your website with your logo and promote the work in relevant news outlets. 


We are interested in partnering with Housing Developers. While Roots for the Future recognises the UK’s serious housing shortage and the government’s responsibility to address it with housebuilding, we would like to see an increase in tree planting to balance the need to turn woodland into building plots. Development and construction companies have the opportunity to work with Roots for the Future to ensure that these trees are replaced. 


This represents a fantastic opportunity for development companies and housing associations involved in building social and affordable housing to work with Roots for the Future. We hold workshops with housing estate community groups and would like to work with construction companies to involve residents in moulding the landscapes of communal areas through tree planting.  Thus the community beautifies its living spaces, softens the appearance of the estate and the work contributes to social cohesion through the combined effort of all involved. 

Our tree planting events in residential areas contribute to social cohesion - any barriers there are amongst participants break down as soon as people get their hands dirty together. So we love to plant trees in residential areas to bring people together to participate in outdoor community action.


This video show cases our community tree planting events that take place in residential areas.

Please email Francesca on for a copy of our CSR proposition and more information. 

Invite us to plant on your land

We are always looking for land to plant trees on, either on behalf of or with the community. Get in touch if you have a suitable piece of land that you would like to have glades of indiginous trees on. 

Many thanks to...

A number of people have been extremely supportive and generous with their time, skills and advice as we set up. With particular thanks to:


Van Arnhem Nursery for their corporate support

Godalming Town Council for grant support

Surrey County Council for grant support

Waverley Borough Council for project support

Third City for their PR support 

Krell for designing our logo

Surrey Hill Enterprises for supplying us with land

Staff at the South East Forestry Commission for their advice and support


Support Us

by buying a tree for us to plant through TreeBay

Contact us

on our contact form

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